Digital Transformation

How do we help you achieve Digital Transformation?

Enterprise Organizations understand Change is not easy! Larger the organization, complexity of transformation with full value realization gets even trickier!  Our R&D with proven partners established a roadmap and assures Return on Investment. We have carefully sub divided the phases of the life cycle with projects driven by Agile methodology and balanced with the right deployment model for hardware, software, expert services assured by referenceable industry specific solutions and success stories.


Based on a decade of analysis across many multinational Industrial customers, we have identified five dimensions along which most organization can achieve the digital transformation aligned with their functional lines of business.

Our Value Proposition entails achieving those objectives with a combination of our software platform and ready to integrate Industry proven components.  We partner with System Integrators and Industry Experts to empower our Customer Process Owners to embrace the change and start the journey of Digital Transformation with confidence and cost effectiveness!

Digital Transformation Dimensions - ELMOS & more

ENGAGE processes emphasize Immersive Interaction

By advancing prospective or current employee interactions within organizational unit, across business functions and furthers collaboration with partners and customers with intelligent services by encapsulating streamlined campaigns and feedback loops and bridging the current divide on visual interactions.

Many initiatives within the enterprise termed as Customer Experience, User Experience, Employee Engagement, Onboarding, Experience Management are continuing to evolve and our solutions offer a codeless enablement that advances our Customers with competitive differentiation and employee motivation..

Our continued innovation jointly with our customers lead to our platforms ability to not only build packages that can be authored and shared but establish integrations to enterprise software known as CRM, HCM, SRM, Market Places and render on devices of end users choice as well as fully immersive experiences.

Learn process must be continuous and accessible anytime

through innovation of classroom and online course experiences with packages that transcend knowledge retention, individualize practice and assessment through integrated gamification and instructional design.

Organizations are forced during COVID to modernize and adopt new methods and techniques to equip their employees and partners and sometimes even their customers to remote training of their products and services.

Our continued innovations are adopted in plant environments that involve highly difficult operations and potentially extend the micro learning to field operations with careful understanding of the target areas of opportunity within the enterprise.

To further enhance traditional learning processes with office based documents and videos requires strong coordination among instructors, instructional designers and interaction designers with content developers to develop story boards that not only modernize learning but empower the learner of different backgrounds and experiences to adopt and enhance their knowledge retention and learning more fun and collaborative.

Integrations to LMS software and methodologies that take into consideration adult learning behaviors and traits are essential for optimal results.

Our approach of co-innovation and partnering with those that are currently serving enterprise current needs enhances our ability to serve a broader community and offer a potential for sharing and cost optimization where possible.

Managing Programs, Projects, Portfolios and Engagements need 360 View

that provides agile life cycle task and issue handling with real-time insights for desk worker or enhance collaboration through streaming and intelligent instructions and assistance to drive new efficiencies of field worker.

Whether it is a complex mission that involves cross functional collaboration or IT project that involves delivering complex solutions or streamlined set of tasks that are performed to produce engineered products, a round the clock co-presence environment that can easily enable users at desperate locations to engage simultaneously or asynchronously participate and contribute will greatly enhance teams production and effectiveness.

Our ability to integrate with traditional Project Management software as well as enable communications and messaging aspects and establish visualizations of the activity during design phase or execution phase is of immense value to team especially during the Pandemic as well as with the travel restrictions imposed in the near future.

Our continued collaboration with the industry and local partners, scenarios ranging from managing projects to facilities can offer significant value to a cross section of participating team members.

Our Integrations to Agile project management applications as well as traditional CPM/PERT software applications in addition to ERP Project Systems bring the visualization aspects that are required for cross team collaboration and effective delivery of successful outcomes.

Transitioning of Field Work Operations

seek better solutions that bring consistency and productivity to those that perform work while augmenting the needs of the specific industry use case as the regulatory needs and best practices demand the technology adoption and standardization of tasks through constant learning and reuse for achieving better performance and reliable operations of the Plant.

Work Operations have achieved a lot of uniformity due to ERP and Field Service Systems while the performer of the task is still not benefiting from the technologies, especially those that are joining the workforce recently.

Our Solutions recognize the need for bringing the Assets, Instructions and Order specific objectives and To Dos with contextual knowledge and information together while leveraging the existing standard operating procedures and protcols.

Our ability to adopt Industry 4.0 requirements and integrate with existing Enterprise Asset Management and ERP applications allow full conformity to the long term vision of enterprises while bringing Field Worker into the Digital Age.

Considering the differences in performing work handsfree or shop floor or field environments our device specific apps ensure the worker familiarity and minimalize the re training needs.

Worker Safety is the Utmost need for any Industry

by orienting worker with safe work environments and adopt principles that leverage human cognition.

Whether they are Occupational safety Hazards or dangerous plant conditions the ability to retain knowledge and leverage best practices in knowledge retention and augmenting worker with ready to access content can be immensely helpful when needed.

Plants ranging from Construction, Power Generation to Chemicals and Utilities are subjected to very high standards and adoption of Immersive technologies shows significant benefits.

Considering the various levels of worker demographics and continuous learning needs, our ability to package and make changes to content for situational readiness greatly enhances the industry adoption of our solution and achieve cost effectiveness.

Additionally, our approach to delivering micro apps brings the cross functional design necessary between Safety, Training and Operational functions otherwise practiced in silos.

Industry variations are addressed through a flexible platform as

more Scenarios are evolving through our joint partnership with our customers and partners and we continue to share them as soon as they are ready by extending any enterprise business process, through rapid modeling of objects and user experience discovery/design process to achieve visualization to deliver micro apps that render with real time data, packaged content and actionable intelligence.